Project #365LDNcafes
21.08.16 - 20.08.17

London Cafe Guide began as a project to bring back happiness: Project #365LDNcafes.

But it happened to be so much more. Now with 365 cafes in London under my belt, I'm excited to share my guide to the cafe scene in London.

Stick around for guides (see blog below), a hands on Map of London cafes and upcoming projects... @LondonCafeGuide

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And listen to the #365LDNcafes experience!

Petersham Nurseries

Friends Of Ours

Monty's Deli

Morty & Bobs

Moreish Cafe

West Six Garden Centre

Yurt Cafe

Nude Espresso

 Milk Train Cafe

Milk Train Cafe

Mud Tooting