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Introducing Project #365LDNcafes

Introducing #365LDNcafes, a project to visit one café a day in London.

More than enjoying a good coffee, this project is meant to force me to uncover places in London I’d never think to venture to.  In my exploration I hope to fall in love with more neighbourhoods, discover some fascinating interior designs, explore the art of plating, and meet new people.

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The home that won't ever feel the same

The home they built atop their grocery store in 1959.

The home where I sat on Oma’s lap as I rolled dough for an apfelstrudel.

The garden where Opa would teach me football and where I’d pick weeds for Oma.

The kitchen where the ticking clock would fill the comfortable silence as Oma peeled asparagus and Opa smoked his pipe, fingers drilling against his chair.

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