Introducing Project #365LDNcafes

Introducing #365LDNCafes.png

I’ve decided to start a project.

It’s called #365LDNcafes.

The hashtag is pretty prescriptive. I want to visit one London café per day, for 365 days of the year.

Don’t ask me why. I can’t even keep up with a blog on a weekly basis.

But I woke up today feeling sluggish. When this happens I begin to panic. I felt lethargic for months on end from 2014-2015. I was not depressed, but it was as though auto-pilot enacted itself, forcing me to push through the workday while my stomach tried to fend off Freddy Krueger. The one thing that brought joy (albeit adding to my gut issues) was sitting in a café, enjoying a piece of cake, and writing.

This morning I marched myself downstairs, walked two doors down into the new café, and treated myself to a nice little breakfast. With a bit of fuel inside, I felt better. My brain finally activated, I said to myself (not out load obvs I had to pretend I was listening to my flatmate), “If this is what makes you happy even when your body feels like utter poop, do it.”

More than enjoying a good coffee, this project is meant to force me to uncover places in London I’d never think to venture to.  In my exploration I hope to fall in love with more neighbourhoods, discover some fascinating interior designs, explore the art of plating, and meet new people.

I realise I’m not in London 365 days a year. I may have to enlist a few volunteers or create a bit of a backlog. But the idea is to push myself to explore something new each day.

You can follow this project on my Instagram & Twitter at @akboogie.

Send through any recommendations of cafes/delis/bakeries worth a visit.

Let’s raise a cuppa. Cheers!