Alexandra Kalinowski aka AKBoogie

I’m Alexandra and this is my little nook on the internets. when i’ve got time began in 2010 as American Princess in the EU (and later where2dowhat), where I scribbled down longwinded minute-by-minute explanations of my travels across Europe during my internships. The party of 1 (aka Dad) who followed along was thoroughly intrigued by all that I was experiencing, but possibly more concerned about the money that was being spent to grow my knowledge and mind. I’ve since removed the domain and all of those embarrassing posts, but have every intention of reviving them soon enough…

Living in NYC for a summer sparked my late-blossomed love of food, whose seeds had been planted by my Oma (German grandmother). All of a sudden every restaurant I’d visit necessitated a review, and I became addicted to eating out and exploring. The buzz of the city would keep me up until 2am writing, something that 3 start-ups, working in an agency, severe digestive issues and time with really good friends have left me too tired to continue. A backlog of reviews grew, the joy of writing about places that left me less-than-inspired became a chore, and I found myself churning out content just because.

I pride myself on being genuine. And I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I don’t write often. But when I do, it’s usually a piece I’ve taken a few weeks to mull over. It’s something I’ve written for me, but it’s obviously lovely, and flattering for others to come across.

when i’ve got time is a collection of food & travel tips interspersed in life musings.

Also, did I mention I love cafe culture? I just spent one year visiting one cafe per day in London. You can hear all about Project #365LDNcafes. Plus find a Map of London Cafes & Guides to the London cafe scene.

AKBoogie is simply a nickname I got when I was 12-years-old. AK my initials, Boogie because that was our 'crew' name. It kind of just stuck as the internet came about. 

Please feel free to reach out for anything! And for brands that feel as though our vibes would jibe well, I’d be happy to chat through:

If you’re looking to get to know more about me, I’ve been so privileged to have been interviewed for Haus of FashionWorked and Life of Shayan.

I'm also a contributor for tikichris if you'd like to see more over in that nook.